My name is Julius Aan Hantara.

I’m comedy magician in Bali, Indonesia

My magic entertainment invites a lot of laughter.

Since I perform Jokes while doing close up magic walking from table to table In a restaurant or standing in front of group of people while being interactive with the audience.

My speciality is kids magic, where I have gained a big amount of experience on how to handle the children and how to make even very young children enjoy my tricks.

I have performed in hotels, bars, restaurants as well as in private houses. I have a lot of experience from performing at private parties, birthday parties, charity events, weddings, gatherings and many others. Besides from that, I have also been performing in a TV-show in Balinese television.

I can perform magic anywhere, any time using everyday objects such as lighters, cigarettes, coins, paper bills. etc.

If you are looking for a great entertainer to transform your event into a unique unforgettable experience, then you have come to the right place!